Cold in the Night

Embracing the chills

As the temperature drops

Calling the snow

Waiting, my breath stops

Sunshine inside is shining so bright

Each cloud in the sky

Grey as the night

My heart and eyes singing at the sight

My season has come

The season of of renew

A blanket so thick

A new you, can shine through

Photography and Poem by me

-J.D. Riley



Every whisper I shout

Floats through the air

Each grain I grind

Returns to the earth

And without fail

I will continue

I will shout

I will grind

– J.D. Riley

Photo Challenge-Tour Guide

Tour Guide Photo Challenge

What may not be my home now and for the past two years but it will still be my forever home. The cold mountains, the fog, grey skies of winter time will always call to me. From winter chills to a warm summer wind, the dirt roads through the hills and tiny towns along the bays and my grandmother’s house set upon the lake. My childhood and a haven will forever be here.

Boiling Over


Tap Tap


Press, hold

Deep breath



Frustration grows

It starts on the ground

Feeling it in your toes

Moves up to brain

And there it explodes

Frustration Grows

Slamming it down

Unsatisfied still

You slide it away

To brake it some more

And frustration grows

Clasping the counter

Your head or your knees

Just still in your anger

Just trying to breath

Frustration slows

Standing up tall

Pushing through the wall

What damage is done

Is not all You have won

Frustration sinks low

Tap, tap, hold


By: J.D. Riley

Trials and Tribulations

A flower once called to me
To tell me its woes
It spoke of the seasons
And how its life grows

Told me of summer
How the heat did burn
Spoke softly of Autumn
And how each leaf would turn

Winter was unforgiving
Freezing its roots down below
Oh how it hated these trials
And wanted to go

But, I wondered to him
Spring always does come
The soil does warm
And you can bask in the sun

J.D. Riley


Her dreams became her reality
As she fell from her existence

The noise around
Was ineffective 
Of touching her feet back to ground 

Her mind was missed
As her speech soon stopped
What was left
Were only her thoughts 

A home that she knew
She knew in her mind
And only there
A home she could bare

-By J.D. Riley

Nature at its Finest 

It’s finally the weekend, so we jump in the truck and head up the mountain road to take us deep into nature and away from civilization. The clean cold air is exactly what was calling to us and with the fresh dusting of snow, we knew it would be the perfect outing.

We are up in the woods, and park our truck behind another and start gearing up our toddler. Then I notice there is a guy sitting on the tailgate of the truck in front of us, smoking and drinking beer, with a heaping pile of stuff in the box. I wondered to myself ‘what is this guy doing?’.

As we start walking up the long dirt road, the truck leaves and I completely emerge into the wilderness. My daughter laughing as her dad shakes the snow off the trees, the powder crunching under my feet and the sweet sting of the cold air filled my body warmth. Nature truly is a glorious gift we should never take for granted.

But why do some people still continue to take advantage of the outdoors? Returning to the truck I spot these beautiful couches in the ditch. Now I don’t know if this happens everywhere but in BC Canada, go up any mountain road and guess what you’ll find. Trash. Furniture. Appliances. Vehicles, of those committing insurance fraud.

These things do not decompose; they will not become soil one day or help the environment out in any way. Yes there are signs on every road saying dumping is illegal, but how is it enforced? It’s not. No one can patrol the back roads in hopes of catching this happen because the back roads are immense. It is up to people, us, enjoying the dirt roads and the nature to notice and report if someone is doing this, because sooner then later we may not have access to the roads we all love to explore.

Jumping back in the truck after taking this picture, I thought of the truck with that pile of junkbon the back. I peered out the window looking to the ditch in hopes I wouldn’t find exactly what I did. The pile of trash, freshly dumped into the ditch, sat on top of the fresh snow.

I instantly was angered, wished I had payed attention to the model of his truck or wrote down his license plate number.

Please human beings, we need to stop dumping our trash in the woods. Recycle, thrift, go to the dump or better yet try not to buy more then you need to create less waste. Have a couch you just don’t like anymore but is still in perfect condition? Keep it! Because it works.

Our society tells us to have everything new, keep up with the styles but it is slowly destroying our environment. So stop dumping your trash, start helping to protect our earth and get the most out of your items instead of just buying new.

Photo Challenge 


 Moments like this, a Grandpa and his grand-daughter. A person who came into my life when I was a child and now is able to experience a little life from the very beginning. Show her eyes what she has never seen before, tell her stories that are new and spark her imagination. Wonderful moments like this are precious. 

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